Saturday, December 8

ZIP Password Recovery 2.0.0 with Serial Free Download | Crack Any Password Protected Zip File

* Recovery your forgotten ZIP password in three different ways
* Brute Force Attack with User Defined Mask
* Brute Force Attack with Trying All Combinations
* Able to recover any password for any WinZip/ZIP/ PKZ /ZIP archive.
* Support self-Extracting Zip Files (SFX).
* Able to recover long passwords.
* Three methods are provided to recover ZIP passwords: the brute-force attack (trying all the   combinations), he brute-force attack and the dictionary attack.
* Support advanced 128-bit and 256-bit AES Encryption.
* Allow you to add dictionary files.
* If any part of the password is known, you can select options to minimize recovery time.
* Automatically save password recovering state and can resume after a moment of pause or a crash.
* Auto shutdown the computer after recover ZIP password.

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