Friday, August 3

Absolute Flooder IV [ CRACKED ]

                  ( CRACKED VERSION )

* For any information contact with ID's
u_159 OR som247


*5 set
*5 team per set
*Unlimited id login per set
*Active all set at a time
*Auto Multy Chat
*Slow Enter
*Balance Checker
*Emot change flood
*Counting flood [NEW]
*Clock flood
*DC code flood
*editable flood interval
*Roll kick
*Touch kick
*Hide own multy
*Slow Enter n Slow Leave
*Auto get list
*Auto enter
*speedy auto vote
*clone chat
*Save spy id
*4 type flood text save and change randomly
*auto show multy ids lvl when login
*Auto left on Admin Dectected
*Easy enable and disable detector system
*Per admin one id detector two mode detector system
*Login single id
*Copy whole room chat with single id
*Get clone chat text in room
*Get clone chat text in private
*Normal roll
*Text roll
*editable roll interval*Two type boom Group Boom and Private boom
*30 id in Group boomber and unlimited id in Private boomber
*Group boom and Private boom to room all users
*Multy add reqest sender
*Group boom and private boom to single user
*Editable private boomber interval
*Auto relogin group boomer
*Start boom automatically
*Team Messenger [You can login multi id and you can chat with any of them if 1 id got kicked then 2nd id will be entered. and you can chat with 2nd id]
*Unlimited Multi-IDs Login
*Auto Left on Start Kick
*You Can take snap of chat box
*Admin Kick Enter
* Hot Bot Flood
* No Need to Enter Room
* Bot Start Outside of room
* Join Game Outside of room
* No One Can Stop Bot During Join Flood
* Use upTo 500 IDS for Long Flood
* Admin/Moderator Cant Kick
* Only For Private Rooms


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