Thursday, October 11

SOCKMIX Messenger 6.02 ( beta 2) FREE VERSION



SOCKMIX Messenger v6.02
Build on .Net framework 2 SP2
Build Finish Date : Monday, October 10, 2012

For a long time no update, it is as new generation of sockmix messenger 5.9
Now coming with many dynamic code writing in .Net

SOCKMIX Messenger is a software for chat client in mig33 (using java mobile client v4.6), This application is very easy for you to share stories with your friends without having to use mig33 on your mobile device.

Whats New in SM 6.02 ?
1.    Repair critical error main app
2.    Repair BUZZ!! menu

Whats New in SM 6.01 ?
1.    Build in .Net language
2.    More Stable and user friendly's
3.    Make array pages for Recent Update
4.    Support mig33 miniBlog
5.    Manage group and contact (stable)
6.    Dynamic new emoticons update
7.    Support ALL UNICODE TEXT
8.    Alert for incoming new chat
9.    Preview avatar
10.    Popup command emotes
11.    Auto bot
12.    And many more !!

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