Saturday, March 9

How To Hack/Crack Someone(Victim) Windows Login Password

Hy Friends today am going to teach you how to hack windows login password, I try this trick on many computers( Friends, College etc) . When you try to login some account its getting error that the password is incorrect. So do not worry after learning this trick you can access any window.

After getting start i told you that Its really very simple, Just you have only a magic pen drive.
Now the big question is that What is magic pen drive?. Do not worry you don't need to buy magic pen-drive, i will tell you how to make magic pen drive.


By following some simple steps you make your pen drive magical (This kind of pen-drive also know as bootable pen-drive )

Insert you pendrive in the port of your computer. When your pen-drive install on your computer first of all format it first. Now open command prompt ( Run as Administrator )

Now these all command step by step on the command prompt

Find the drive number of your USB Drive by typing the following into the Command Prompt window:

      list disk
     (The number of your USB drive will listed. You’ll need this for the next step.  I’ll assume that the USB  flash drive is disk 1)
      select disk 1
      create partition primary
      select partition 1
      format fs=NTFS

Now close command prompt, Now you have to download a software name Kon boot

                                             ..Click here to download kon-boot..

After download extract it using Winrar. Now open KonBootInstall.exe, a black screen pop-up infront of you now select the driver name(on which you pendrive showing)

 Pendrive (Removable disk) showing on (j:). So type j and hit enter.

Now all files install in your pen-drive. Your normal pendrive become now magical and its is ready to hack any windows login password

The next step is hack any one pc using this magical pendrive. So lets we move on for our next steps
just simple on victim computer and a login screen pop-up infront of you when you enter any password its says password you enter is incorrect.

* Now insert your magical pendrive and restart that window. Now open the boot menu of there computer. (Boot menu option is different in every computer. I m trying this exploit on compaq pc Q2009)
In compaq pc Q2009  boot menu is open by pressing esc button. after opening boot menu a scree come infront of computer screen just select your pendrive  (My pendrive name is sandisk cruzer ) just select it and hit enter

* after hitting enter a black screen come select kon-boot v1.1, then again hit enter and the boot process started

* Now login screen come infront of you so type any thing hit enter and see its by-pass the login password.

Here you are done enjoying hacking....... keep joining us....
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