Wednesday, February 20

Email Spoofing

Hi guys Today am going to teach you how to spoof some one email Inbox. OR make them fool.
Through this Trick you can send Fake email. As an example,
                                                           you can send email from your friend email( Mig33/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter/Yahoo ) ID n there name to other guys email ID.
Really amazing. Through this tricks hacker's and script coder's send some fake mail and make fool user's to steal their password's. Its is really very simple trick.


So lets we start. Its very interesting And very easy.

Just follow the steps which is given below.

1. Visit this website
2. The website open's in front of you so just click on Send email.
3. Another web page open in front of you. ( Its is not in english language so for many user's it is difficult to understand what to do, But do not worry follow next step or you can also use Google translater ).
4. Watch the image below and fill all details as given in the image.

5. After filling all information. Click on send and your email send
6. Her you done.

       I have a working snap of it also which is given below.( oooo..! look crazygrape mail me.. :O )

(There are lots more website for it but i will teach you later about them)
Enjoy.. keep joining us.
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