Friday, February 1

W3ap0n 0f D3vilz full cracked by hackerz_on_mig

* For any information contact with ID

* Auto Leave GC
* Anti EC
* Auto Detect Flooding
* ID Detecter
* Gorup Ban/Group Unban/Kick
* Error Logs
* WEB Menu
* View Profile
* ADD Moderator/DeModerator
* Block/Unblock User
* Mail Checker
* Winamp In Room

* Status Message Changer
* Invite All
* Get Contact List
* Group Chat
* Pvt Chat
* Auto Action When Multi Detector
* Announce On/Off
* Notify On Pvt
* Room Description Changer
* Winamp Status UpDater
* BoardCast
* Action On Repat Same
* Room Chat
* BlackList
* Auto Status Changer
* Protect All IDs Option
* Mail Send Option
* Creater Pvt/Gorup
* Lock/UnLock Room
* Users Logs Checker
* Auto Replay In Pvt
* Ping Ip/Port
* Roll Flood
* Pause Chat Option
* Presence Changer
* Equal/Less level Dector
* Kick And Group Ban Option

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1. First open the application name-- [WOD] by fajiil- Cracked by hackerz_on_mig.exe
2. Now open the D3vil admin panel in the application.

3. Now we have to change the (fajiil-) ID with our ID in Extra option
4. Open winexpsrc folder
5. Now open the application name as -- winexp.exe
6. Now the directory of application running on current system come on the screen of this application
    scroll down and watch the application W3apon Of D3vilz by fajiil- click on it
7. Now click on find on the right side and type fajiil- 
    ( as shown in image )

8. Now click on find next
9. Your are on the string name fajiil- ( shown in image below )
10. Now go to the caption and type your ID instead of fajiil- and click on modify, close the winexplorer

now you are done enjoy cracking...
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