Tuesday, January 1

How To Change Someone(Victim) Windows Password

Hi friends its a new year.. First of all wish you a very happy new year. Today am going to show you how to change some one windows password without knowing his/her current password.
                       When you going to change some one windows password. Its requires its current password.



 By some following steps you can change its simple

Open run command in you windows and type this command (C:\windows\system32) in it, Then hit enter.

A new windows pop-up in front of you.


 Now search command prompt in that folder, Now run the Command Prompt as Administrator

A new windows pop-up in front of you, name as command prompt
Now Type this command on the screen of command prompt.

 net user %username% *

Now hit enter 2-3 time untill you get you get > The command completed successfully
( Don't type any thing or password just hit enter)

You successfully reset the current password. Now this account is not password protected. Now you can set you own password.

Now you are done... enjoy...

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