Sunday, January 13

Silent Smoker v7 byThakur Cracked by hackerz_on_mig

*For any information contact with ID


Multi Tab

* Load multi by " Load M1/load M2
* Arrange Ur ID any notepad by this formate  ID/PASSWORD
* Auto kick( enter)
* Auto kick( After failed )
* Auto enter = make ur ID auto enter by emter config in extra tab
* Admin kick run = Relog id when admin try to kick in room
* Admin talk run = Leave ID when when admin chat on room
* Auto left gc = Auto left id when anyone try GC
* Auto vote( start) = vote when kick start
* Auto vote(remaning) = Vote when kicking running
* Auto leave = leave when try to kick

Setting Tab

* Set spy
* If any bug when login the >>( Image come infront of you then type the image code and click over image )
* Seperate List for multi and for spy ID
* Auto ping IP
* Auto/Manual loop/delay set

Extra Tab

* Multi Chat box
* Choose your id from multi list
* Enter, Text send, leave For choose id
* Chat after detect Ad = Start chat when admin detect in room, For admin detector

Flood Features

* Count text flood
* Symbol flood
* Auto E = Edited Text flood
* Auto S = Same text flood
* Time text flood
* Text with emote flood

Misc Tab

* Roll
* Roll text flood
* Roll ID flood - enter/leave
* Roll kick ( set 10 IDS for better kicking )
* Admin detector ( Force auto left on admin detection )

Spy Monitor

* Your multi id can show you running room chatting
* Choose your monitor Id by click over multi id list

Admin Detector

* Log your id
* Action for detect style
* Ki = Keep ur id in room for detect
* Ne = No need to enter your ID for detect
* D = Manual detect
* F = Manual find active admin
* A.Detect = Auto Detect show
* A.Finder = Auto admin finder
* Alert = Sound alert for admin detect

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