Friday, January 25

Join With Us- [ Crackerstreet ]

Hi friends we are looking for new member's in our cracker street team, this is the fast growing group of mig33. Its is not possible without your moral support. So we all are heartly thank full to all of you.
                                                    Now we want to increase our cracker street family. For it you have to apply.

Now how to apply to become our member and join our cracker street team and become a part of our family
So just simply follow these steps

1. In The Comment Box First Type Your Facebook Id, Mig33 Id & level in this Format
    FB id - you facebook id name

    MIG33 id - your mig33 id name

    Level of id - your mig33 id level

for example:- FB id- be mine
                     MIG33 id- som247
                     Level of id - [49]

2. Now submit comment.

3. Like our page on facebook

Here you are done..... enjoy keep joining..

You can also contact with our staff members

You Are Heartly Welcome By Cracker Street Family